2/6/17 • East End Meeting Minutes

East End Area Council Minutes – Feb 6 , 2017 7PM LeBlond RecPlex
Editor:  Barb Rider


The meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m. by President Pat Ormond. There were 30 in attendance, including 18 voting members.

The January minutes were accepted anonymously without c01Tection. Motion by Joe Zimmerman, seconded by Tim Haldemann.

Treasurer Jeff reported $16,786 in the treasury, with no activity since the last meeting. The report was accepted anonymously without correction. Motion by Mary Dyer, seconded by Tim Haldemann.

The Le Blond report was given by director Elayne Kazin, who reminded all of the winter hours for the RecPlex 9am-9pm. Membership is just $10 for those over 50 (good at all CRC facilities); $25 for under 50; $2 for kids. There are free spinning classes in the evening & morning, and yoga in the evening for members.

Erik Thomas from Riverview East Academy reported that the review of the school for their

accreditation will occur on Feb 27 and 28. A student (the first from Riverview East) was chosen to participate in a student exchange with Taiwan. There will be fundraisers to defer the $2700 cost to the family.

The Garden District plan vote has been postponed from January to March. Patrick has been knocking on doors to hear their concerns (traffic, littering and parking). A residents’ only Meet and Greet will occur within the next 3 weeks. Patrick will report on that at the March meeting.

Paddlefest will be a Friday-Saturday festival. Patrick asked Columbia-Tusculum and Boys Club/Girls Club to partner with us, especially with providing volunteers. He will also ask Thrive (they supplied I 000 gift bags last year) and Riverview East to participate, although volunteers need to be at least 18 years of age.

Officer Butler provided the January police report. There were no robberies and burglaries in the East End. Larceny thefts are up to 17 (compared to 9 in January last year). There was an arrest today concerning some auto thefts, which will help considerably.

Dr. Anisa Shomo, director of Riverview East Health Center, distributed monthly calendars of East End events. The clinic is doing wellness activities for the students and staff at the school. Flu vaccines are still available, as well as pneumonia, etc (no shingles). They collected lots of coats and other items for the recent clothing drive. happ

There was a discussion about whether the bimonthly Meet N Greets will continue. There’s been a switch to Wednesday nights at BrewRiver Gastropub. Mardi Gras will be celebrated there on Feb 28.

Attorney and resident Lew Seilor, head of the new EE Hillside Committee, reported on recent activity. He distributed information from the City of Cinti. There are two separate slides concurrently happening west of Collins. The top part is rapid; the bottom is slow. There used to be 12″ movement in 50 years. The western slide in the 2000 block of Riverside is much more active than expected at the rate of 2″/ma. The City has acknowledged that this is impacting utilities on Riverside Dr. There are obvious questions about the safety & stability of the hillside. Most days there are utility trucks working in the area. The head of the geotechnical dept in the City is involved, and they have hired an outside consultant. Inclinometers are in now (at least 12). The issue was addressed today in front of the Neighborhoods Committee, and there was much interest. Ruth Coon, living on the n01th side of Riverside, said that she sees movement every day. Patrick said this could be the most serious problem the EE has faced in 20 years. Property tax relief may be forthcoming.

Regina Moss (representing her co-chair William Sanders, who was at work) presented the EE 2017 NSP proposal, with 7 projects: insurance $900, event insurance $900, website maintenance $260, clinic supp01t $700, Riverview East $4000, landscaping $540, banners $400) for a total of $7700. Discussion included clarification on the purpose and history of NSP. Dr. Shomo asked how school needs would be determined; Melisse explained that the LSDMC of the school helped put together the list of capital needs that the EEAC could purchase through NSP. Vote: 17 yes 1 no O abstentions. Melisse May motioned; Barb Rider seconded.

Cam King, chief investigator of the Citizens Complaint Authority, spoke about the program. In existence since 2002, the agency investigates anytime a Cinti police officer is accused of misconduct. There are several staff members and a board of7 members appointed by the mayor and approved by City Council. Meetings are held on first Mondays at 5pm. Complaints can be emailed or called in: www.cinti-oh.gov/ccia. 513-352-1600. Meetings are on public access TV. In 2015 District 2 had 28 complaints (1 complaint from the EE)

Municipal Court Judge Curtis E. Kissinger spoke. He was appointed in Feb 2015, and is up for election in Nov for 6 yr te1m. He explained what municipal court does, and said he loves his job. Judge Kissinger also serves on the court’s Mental Health Committee. Hamilton County is divided into 7 municipal judge districts; EE is in district 4 (Anderson, Hyde Park, Norwood, etc). 946-5438.

Michelle Dillingham, candidate for City Council in Nov 2016 from Kennedy Heights, spoke. She served with David Crawley and worked on hillside issues with him. Ms Dillingham also ran for council in 2012. www.votedillingham.org

Marissa Reed, of Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, a small non-profit, described what the organization does. From March-November, they support communities in the “Great American Clean-up” by providing supplies (water, gloves, bags, etc) free of charge. Staff members plan events in neighborhoods – Sept­Nov is available. They can always use volunteers for other clean-up projects around the city. 513- 352-4380. KeepCincinnatiBeautiful.org. The EE is scheduled for its “Blitz”Nov 6-10. Public services/a dumpster will be in the neighborhood all week. She advised scheduling a community clean­up the Sat afterwards, so we can get another dumpster.

Jackie discussed getting an auditor; in the past, we used the treasurer of Columbia Tusculum (Matt Ackerman).

Meeting was adjourned at 8:00.


Respectfully submitted,

Barb Rider

1/16/17 • East End Meeting Minutes


The EEAC Board Members met at the request of the president, Patrick Ormond. This meeting was held to further discuss issues brought before the EEAC Meeting held on 1/9/17.

Use of NSP funds available to EEAC in the amount of $7, 700 and due by Feb. 6th at 4:00 PM:

The Board discussed the use of the NSP funds and decided the following which will be submitted to the City by the Feb. 6th, 4:00PM due date:

  • Insurance for the EEAC Board Members: $900
  • EEAC future community event insurance: $900
  • EEAC Newsletter Software: $260
  • EEAC Banners/signage [2] for portable neighborhood identification at events occurring in the East End: $400
  • Riverview East Academy Health Center unmet patient and clinic needs: $700
  • Landscape services to maintain and improve Eastern EEAC Sign and plantings: $540
  • EEAC support for Riverside East Academy for equipment for students’ learning programs: $4,000

Regina Moss, William Sanders and Barbara Rider will write up this proposal and present to the city before the deadline of Feb. 6th, 2017. This will be reported at the EEAC meeting at 7:00 on Feb. 6th.

East End Garden District Plan/ Garden District petition: Much of the discussion about these two documents centered on the Plan’s use of the wording “Implementation Committee” as the group to be communicating with the City on future plans and actions.  In the past, in the development of this plan, the EEAC used the term “Steering Committee” to develop the plan. The question about the possibility that a committee that does not truly represent landowners, renters, or residents of the East End Garden District could be involved in the future plans for this area seems to be a big concern, and not clearly discussed in the Plan. This, in addition to the question of the use of private funds for traffic flow and parking surveys, needs to be clarified.

Therefore, Patrick Ormond asked that within the month of Feb. a meeting occur where all Garden District, East End property owners, residents, and renters meet to discuss and resolve these possible conflicts between the two documents.  The hope is that by the March EEAC meeting, amendments and/or clarification edits can be made within the Garden Plan. Then the Plan can be up for vote at the March EEAC meeting. The location and Date of the Feb. meeting will be announced at the Feb. 6th 7:00 PM EEAC meeting.


Secretary: Jane Sites

1/9/17 • East End Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM by President Patrick Ormond

Motion was passed to accept Dec. 2016 minutes.

Treasury report by Jeff Stewart reported that there is $16,786 balance in the EEAC account and all current bills are paid.

School Report: Charlene reported that the Riverview East Academy is seeking Advanced Education Credit.  This will require a site visit.  They need local support to advocate for this initiative which will occur on Feb. 27thand 28th– when the site visit is planned.  Please contact school for you interest in assisting.

Police Report:  Officer Kevin Butler reported a yearly summary  of crimes in our area and reported overall better results, with crime going down.

Health Center Report: Dr. Shomo reported the clinic is collecting winter clothes for all ages  and they still need donations.  You can leave them at the school, or Le Blond. Both the flu and pneumonia vaccine shots are still available at the clinic. The clinic is open 8-4:00 Mon.- Friday.

Hillside Committee: Mr. Sieler has asked the City to install Inclinometers in the areas most recently involved in the excessive landslides, and the city has agreed to install more monitoring devices.  The location of these devices will be determined by the City Engineering Dept. A question from the audience requested information about the possibility that tree removals in the area have impacted the landslides that our area has experienced.  No one knew of any studies on this issue.

Community Grant Application: Patrick Ormond explained that we missed key ingredients in the application this year, and that the city will require several area approvals, and surveys before moving forward with our application for next year.  This application was to consider the need and location of an area fresh food bank for citizens.

Garden district Plan: James Weaver of the City Planning Dept. presented for vote the Summary and recommendations of the 3 year study and proposal for future planning in the East End Garden District. Parking and traffic flow became the major issues that local citizens prioritized at several previous meetings and votes. There was a motion and a second motion to hold a vote, when a New Petition, reportedly signed by approximately 50+ Garden area residents, property owners, or renters, was presented to the council at the meeting.

A Discussion began about the differences in the petition requests and the Garden District plan started and centered on the issues of: a request that the Garden Plan be stopped; a desire to include parking and traffic surveys using private funds; and need for signage throughout the Garden District.  Mr. Ormond stopped the discussion and requested that the Executive EEAC Board  meet to determine and clarify any discrepancies between the two proposals and that the Board would get back to the Council by the latest of the  March EEAC meeting to take a vote on passage of either documents, or a combination of the two. A motion that the vote be delayed up to the March EEAC meeting date was made and seconded.

Gotham Place Development: Sarah Kokenge owns property on Gotham Place with the Schroder family, as co-owners. They want to swap partials of their land for city property, that includes the now land covered end of Gotham Place Road. The city is in approval of this request as in the exchange the city will gain partials of land that would protect their desire to consider a bike path in the future, on land now owned by Abundance, LLC., lots 251 and 253.  A motion was made to approve this exchange of land and the development for Gotham Place for residential use by Abundance LLC and was seconded and approved at the meeting.

NSP Funds: Barbara Rider wanted a meeting to discuss the need to submit to the City a plan for the use of the NSP funds available to EEAC of $7,700.  This plan has to be to the City by Feb 6th, at 4:00 PM before the next EEAC meeting. Mr. Ormond requested the Executive Board would meet quickly to plan the usage of these funds using proposals previously agreed upon throughout the Fall EEAC meetings of 2016.

Meeting was adjourned close to 8:00 PM.

Secretary: Jane Sites