1/16/17 • East End Meeting Minutes


The EEAC Board Members met at the request of the president, Patrick Ormond. This meeting was held to further discuss issues brought before the EEAC Meeting held on 1/9/17.

Use of NSP funds available to EEAC in the amount of $7, 700 and due by Feb. 6th at 4:00 PM:

The Board discussed the use of the NSP funds and decided the following which will be submitted to the City by the Feb. 6th, 4:00PM due date:

  • Insurance for the EEAC Board Members: $900
  • EEAC future community event insurance: $900
  • EEAC Newsletter Software: $260
  • EEAC Banners/signage [2] for portable neighborhood identification at events occurring in the East End: $400
  • Riverview East Academy Health Center unmet patient and clinic needs: $700
  • Landscape services to maintain and improve Eastern EEAC Sign and plantings: $540
  • EEAC support for Riverside East Academy for equipment for students’ learning programs: $4,000

Regina Moss, William Sanders and Barbara Rider will write up this proposal and present to the city before the deadline of Feb. 6th, 2017. This will be reported at the EEAC meeting at 7:00 on Feb. 6th.

East End Garden District Plan/ Garden District petition: Much of the discussion about these two documents centered on the Plan’s use of the wording “Implementation Committee” as the group to be communicating with the City on future plans and actions.  In the past, in the development of this plan, the EEAC used the term “Steering Committee” to develop the plan. The question about the possibility that a committee that does not truly represent landowners, renters, or residents of the East End Garden District could be involved in the future plans for this area seems to be a big concern, and not clearly discussed in the Plan. This, in addition to the question of the use of private funds for traffic flow and parking surveys, needs to be clarified.

Therefore, Patrick Ormond asked that within the month of Feb. a meeting occur where all Garden District, East End property owners, residents, and renters meet to discuss and resolve these possible conflicts between the two documents.  The hope is that by the March EEAC meeting, amendments and/or clarification edits can be made within the Garden Plan. Then the Plan can be up for vote at the March EEAC meeting. The location and Date of the Feb. meeting will be announced at the Feb. 6th 7:00 PM EEAC meeting.


Secretary: Jane Sites