11/2014 • November Newsletter

blogpostEAST END NEWSLETTER • November 2014
Editor:  Barb Rider


On Wednesday October 29th, the East End Area
Council hosted a special presentation related to Garden District planning.

The Garden District is roughly bounded by Schmidt Fields to the west, Delta Ave to the east, the Ohio River and Riverside Drive. As one of our presenters, Frank Russell from the UC DAAP Program, pointed out this area is a unique community asset. The purpose of the meeting was to share some ideas for the area that had been put together by Mr. Russell and DAAP students, and to hear ideas and issues from community members related to land use. A second guest speaker Kathy Schwab of LISC who had helped fund this study encouraged the audience members to work together to develop a unified vision. This well attended meeting ended with near unanimous consent that pursuing a land use plan for this area would be a worthwhile effort for the area council.
Parking was raised as a priority issue. The success of Eli’s, has led to some concerns being expressed related to parking, noise and drinking. To this end we will be welcoming the owner of Eli’s to our Meeting on Monday November 3rd at 7pm at Leblond. In addition at this meeting we will be sharing our nominating committees report prior to our December elections, and will be considering amending our by-laws to re-establish our western border. Hope to see you there!

EEAC President, Jeff Kirschner, welcomes the crowd to the Garden District Community Forum held at Riverview East Academy on October 29, 2014.


Frank Russell of the University of Cincinnati DAAP program explains one of several proposed visions that the UC DAAP students explored for the East End Garden District.

Kathy Schwab of LISC explains to the group the importance of a cohesive vision by all interested parties for the Garden District.

A large group of neighbors and interested parties turned out on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 for the East End Garden District Community Forum.

Nominating Committee Presents Slate of Officers at Meeting on November 3, 2014 — Jane Sites
The EEAC Nominating Committee will announce the slate of officers for the 2015 Program Year at the East End Council meeting on Monday, November 3, 2014. Nominations may also be taken from the floor.  Please plan to attend Monday’s meeting! A BIG THANK YOU to our 2014 nominating committee which consists of Joe Corcoran, Mary Dyar, and Jane Sites.

Trash Cleanup Continues in the East End
Some of our neighbors continue efforts to keep the East End free of trash.  This is a never-ending process that requires ALL of our efforts! Recently spotted helping in the neighborhood were Connie Greene, Michael Bolan, and Barb and Ed Rider. Please help us keep the East End trash-free.  If you spot an area that has debris and trash, take a few minutes to clean it up. We will all benefit. Thank you to our SUPER unofficial liter patrol!Six grocery bags filled with trash, picked up on Collins by Barb and Ed Rider.  Thanks you to the Rider